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14 Wall Street, 20th Floor - Room 2051
New York, NY 10005
i Repair Cracked Screens
i Repair Cracked Screens i Repair Cracked Screens i Repair Cracked Screens i Repair Cracked Screens
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i Repair Cracked Screens i Repair Cracked Screens

Samsung Tab Repair

Attention owners of a Samsung Tab! These devices come with Wi-Fi, clear screens, a good storage capacity and a whole lot more that users love. If you love this device as well but have recently had to deal with some sort of damage, whether it is water damage, broken glass or even broken buttons, we can assist you. We are the experts in Samsung Tab repair on Wall Street!

Our experts are incredibly experienced, and they have the parts:

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0
  • And more!

We are so conveniently located that even customers from Bayside come to us. We are here to serve locals, we offer warranties on our services and we work fast. These are all reasons as to why you should choose us for work over another repair shop in New York City. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with us. Not many companies care as much about their customers as we do, and we make it known in every way that we can, by offering speedy results as well as excellent prices.

Call us to make an appointment: 212-843-9492

Make a note of our location. We are located by all major transportation so we are incredibly easy to get to:

14 Wall Street 
Suite 2051 (20th floor)
New York, NY  10005

We are the service center that you should come to for all of your smartphone and tablet repair needs in New York City. We urge that you make an appointment with professionals rather than attempting repairs on your own. If you try to do something like screen repair yourself, you could actually end up hurting yourself by cutting your fingers or getting pieces of glass in your hands. The risks aren’t worth it. You also risk voiding the warranty of the device if you have one or causing permanent damage that can’t be reversed. We know that you value Samsung Tablets for your on the go lifestyle, so let us help you get back on the go. Let us repair your tablet when damage occurs!

Remember to choose I Repair Cracked Screens for everything from water damage repair, cracked glass repair, broken LCD repair, home button repair and any other problems that arise. We can repair all of the different models that are available. Don’t forget to set up an appointment and if you have any questions at all, our friendly experts would be happy to help you out. Speak with our professionals today and ask about our fast service, warranties and get a free price quote while you’re at it.

Call now: 212-843-9492

i Repair Cracked Screens

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i Repair Cracked Screens

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